• 15078860_10211129605416762_4494351428278335180_n

    Ruby, Golden, CO

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Baked Grain Free Duck Formula

    Ruby went through so many foods before she decided that the Baked Grain Free Duck formula was her favorite! She gets compliments everywhere she goes on her healthy look and her soft and shiny coat. I know that this has more than a little bit to do with her food. I am a super picky mom and I am so glad she loves a food that is so high quality :)
  • IMG_1674

    Henry Peter Paulsen, San Pedro, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: All cat food!

    Henry Peter Paulsen is a lovable, chunky blue Persian cat. He likes to chase moths and wrestle with his big brother. He loves food, and with the help of Lotus, he has been able to keep his weight under control!
  • IMG_07371

    Tutu, Laguna Niguel, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Just juicy venison canned cat food

    I think that Tutu has chosen her food. She is finally eating without an appetite stimulant. She likes the flavor so please don't change it. It's a miracle how a good food product can help a kitty with inflammatory bowel disease, chronic hepatitis, and acute pancreatitis. I am hopeful she will eat her way to better health. Fussy princess kitty Tutu loves your food. See photo Tutu eats!
  • 377

    Glory and Gunner, Foster, Or

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Turkey dry kibble

    I have Vizslas - one is very picky. After trying many expensive holistic brands - Lotus was suggested. Both my dogs love Lotus and I love it that there are choices without chicken meal. Great job!!
  • IMG_0086

    Kaia, Oceanside, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken

    Kaia is 7. She has always ate a holistic diet. She loves her chicken lotus in the morning and small batch -raw in the evening. It keeps her full until 5. She also has goats milk to keep her teeth and gut healthy. She is my little angel.
  • IMG_22091

    Trudy, Rancho mirage, Ca

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: New customer

    Just ordered for cats and dog. Didn't receive yet!
  • CAP112a

    Cilla and Raven, Gloucester, MA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Fish

    I have two King Charles Cavaliers. One I have had since a pup and is almost 8 years old. She has had many digestive issues over the years and also has had many UTI infections. As such, she was on a medicated kibble and cranberry supplements. For those owners with dogs that have UTI infections, you know how painful it is for BOTH of you. I was in search for the perfect solution which started with a kibble choice and when I thought of all the extruded junk out there, well NO! I found Lotus and ordered it right away. Next I decided to increase her cranberry supplement to compensate for the medicated kibble. I did this to ensure that she doen't get any repeat UTI's. To that she get's a homemade meatball which is made with only the purest organic meats and produce. Lastly, she has a very dry coat (courtesy of swimming in salt water) so I added Dynovite and fish oil. She LOVES it. Now then, my second little girl came to us just recently - I have never had such a picky dog - and she likes it! I am still in the transition period as it is so important to integrate slowly - but after the first couple of days I am confident! You can tell almost immediately if something is working by the consistency of their ahem.... you know. You've all heard the phrase "an apple a day..." well, I'm choosing to pay a little "extra" at home so I save a lot of "extra" at the vet's office. I am opening a new pet store soon and I will PROUDLY carry LOTUS. Thank you... No more sleepless nights wondering what to do to make things better...zzzzz.
  • IMG_20150707_034827

    Bear, Hayward, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven Baked Low Fat Chicken

    Bear has been my best buddy for a little over 9 years. I've tried many different foods, wet and dry. Three years ago I went to the more "healthy" types. Bear isn't the most finicky cat I've ever had but he's still selective. Wet food is a crap shoot with him. A few weeks ago, at my favorite per food store, I followed the suggestion and bought the Lotus Baked Low Fat Chicken. Bear LOVES it. Here's hoping he likes the wet when I pick some up next week. Thanks for a great product that will keep my pal healthy and happy.
  • IMG_3546

    Patches and Tom Sawyer, New York, New York

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Duck Pate Canned Cat Food

    Our older cat Patches has had year long digestive problems, from throwing up to having loose stool. With our switch to Lotus these problems have disappeared! Our younger cat Tom also feels the effects of this wonderful food. He has renewed energy and walks around the house with his tail up ready to pounce. We are so grateful to have found a company that cares about the beloved pets it serves! This shows in the wonderful way the food is prepared and sourced with love and respect for the beautiful living creatures on this planet.
  • Bailey, Middleton , Massachusetts

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: canned venison

    I can't even put into words just how much Bailey LOVES Lotus! We switched him in August 2016 and he has been vibrant, active and youthful ever since. His coat (mini-long haired doxie) is soft and beautiful. He has had every flavor of the canned food with a small amount of kibble for crunch. I am more than confident feeding him this brand. It makes me proud that a company puts forth such responsible business practices as well as caring for the greater well being of our furry family members. Please know I 300% encourage other pet owners to switch to LOTUS! Thank you for all you do for the pet community Lotus!
  • Dralion-WD-2

    Dralion & Nico, Rocky River, Ohio

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Duck Recipe

    Dear Lotus, I am the owner of 2 Belgian Tervurens that I show in the Confirmation ring both AKC & UKC so having my dog look it's best while feeding them the best food possible is my priority! For the last two years they have been on a whole food/raw diet that I prepare myself but now I am questioning whether I am giving them ALL their needed vitamins & minerals and there are days that they sniff and walk away! Feeding them an extruded kibble is NOT an option!!! Then I discovered Lotus which is baked so I thought I'd give it a try. OMG, they love it! Our first bag was the Duck recipe but tomorrow I'm going back to buy the Fish and try a few cans of that also. We as people question what we put in our bodies but many don't do the same for their pets. Thank you for producing such a high quality food!!!
  • image2

    Thor, Culver city, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus chicken or lamb dry kibble

    Thor has a bit of a sensitive stomach, and while he absolutely loves snacks, meal time, and anything he can get into really, it breaks my heart when he starts to feel queasy and ends up vomiting. Since we've found lotus dry food, he's never been better. While he loves his chicken or lamb flavors (usually I mix the two together) he can eat any of the flavors and enjoys them all equally. He specifically knows the sound of the bag and starts running, tail and heiney wiggling uncontrollably.
  • image1

    Kermit, Coral Springs, FL

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Turkey Stew

    Hi! I'm Katie and this is my 5 month old Frenchie, Kermit. I've been trying to find a high quality wet food to mix in with his kibble to make it more palatable ever since my old dog food had a change of hands and lowered their standard of quality. In just a few short days of feeding Lotus Turkey Stew to my pup, I've noticed more consistent energy (less highs and lows) throughout the day, a softer and glossier coat, and most importantly - less gas (!!!) I absolutely love the ingredients in Lotus. Everything has a purpose, there are no fillers and no questionable ingredients. It's exactly what I've been searching for - the holy grail of pet foods. Thank you for making such a high quality, nutrient rich, no-filler food that I am proud to feed my furbaby. Please don't ever change your standards or mission! ❤️🐸
  • image

    Buggie and Archie, Temecula , Ca

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken recipe

    Last year, I was in search of a new dog food that was more healthy, and one my dogs would like. While at the Superzoo convention I talked to so many dog food companies. None of them stood out. Once I got to the lotus booth I was impressed. I asked them all sorts of questions. They showed me all that they had and how their product is healthy. I couldn't wait to get back home and have my dogs try it. My chihuahua isn't much of a picky eater, but after having lotus she won't eat anything else. I'm super happy with my choice to go with Lotus.
  • chloe-and-isabel

    Chloe and Isabel, Merlin, Oregon

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken, Vegetable Pate and Kitten Dry Food

    We started our two kittens on another "alternative" brand of kitten/cat food, and it was OK, but I had a feeling that it wasn't the best out there. I did quite a lot of research online to try to find the best of the best. I found out that the brand we had been feeding them contained this "carrageenan" ingredient. I found several other candidates that don't contain carrageenan, but decided to give Lotus a try first. We ordered both the Chicken/Vegetable Pate and the Kitten Dry food. So far they are gobbling it up wholeheartedly.
  • image

    Shea, Eastchester, Nee york

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven baked chicken

    Shea would go days without eating I tried dozens of brands and now he eat everyday he loves the oven baked chicken
  • Bruno

    Daisy, Peenut, Bruno, Claremont , CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken

    Meet my family! Daisy and Peenut adopted me a while back. Recently Bruno moved in and is having a ball. He currently got on Lotus Chicken and is loving it. After speaking with a vet, it was decided that Lotus dry food was the absolute best to meet Bruno goal of losing 12 pounds. We are well on our way. He seems to have more energy and is moving around so much faster than he was 2 weeks ago. I can see the difference Lotus makes in his demeanor and overall health. My four legged children are busy having loads of fun but their absolute favorite activity is catching a frisbee in the air.
  • Zane-Alian-Stick-

    Zoe, Zane & Zander Alian, Los Angeles, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven Baked Chicken for Puppy's Please

    This is a little story of a family brought up on a premium kibble. When I was just a little girl, my new daddy researched for the best nutrition, he told me all about omega three for a strong heart and six so that my brain receives vital information. Don't tell my Daddy..... but I plan on hiding bones all over the house, so I can find them again. My daddy likes to bake chicken and some times lamb. I want to be just like him. Little girls and boys need premium proteins so that I may have strong legs to run. One day my daddy took me for a picnic and brought shinny new balls, some were red and some green most had stems with leaf on the top, I had waited for the shinny balls to be thrown but my Daddy says these are vita.... vi-tamins needed for my coat. Daddy took me into the park with big trees and a field of flowers.. sniff sniff.. I asked Daddy... What can we call my food, he replied.... Lotus. This is the story of the Zoe Alian, the little girl italian greyhound discovering wisdom of Lotus.
  • image

    Lucky, Edina, Minnesota

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven baked chicken recipe for senior

    Lucky is a shelter dog. She has never been a picky eater but recently has developed some stomach issues and was refusing to eat. We found Lotus after doing some major research online...and she is one happy girl! She turns 11 this year and is acting like a puppy again, so much energy, so full of life, so happy!
  • IMG_20140422_195605

    Buddy, Urbana, Ohio

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Grain free duck

    Buddy is a golden retriever, so he loves food. And he used to always be hungry. Several months ago, the store where I work..Bone-a-fido Bakery in Springfield, Ohio, began carrying Lotus foods. I switched to your food. Buddy loves it and he is satisfied and full after eating. I feed the grain free duck and a cup a meal is plenty for Buddy. He weighs 66# and will be 16 in April. Thank you, Lotus!
  • chix-cat

    Prince, Jo, Akasha & Sadie(dog), Inglewood, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food:

    First timer my cats are picky, they were jockeying for position around the bowls!!! :0 I was very impressed. Ill have to get a bigger bag, Sadie seems to prefer cat food!! Who knew!! Happy New Customer!! Ananda Edmonds....Peace and Blessings!!!!
  • Dog

    Chloe, tacoma, Washington

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Duck small bites

    Let me just start by saying that I have never had to portion control my dogs food for the entire 5 years I've had her.....until I had a taste test of samples from our local Mud Bay and found out that she loves Lotus!!! And a special thanks to the rep who happened to be in the Gig Harbor store who gave me a sample of the wet food, of course she loved that too!!
  • CYMERA_20140308_145632

    Taz, Bloomington, IN

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Small bites chicken

    I've tried a couple different foods with Taz, a Chihuahua, he is very sensitive to things and gets sick easily. We decided to check out a local specialty store, and after asking about the best brands, I took home their first recommendation, Lotus small bites chicken, for him. He instantly took to it! I plan to keep him on Lotus from now on!
  • image

    Penny, Wayland, MA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken recipe for dogs (hard)

    Penny, a Brussels Griffon Petit Brabançon, has been on the puppy chicken recipe for a few months and loves it. I feel great about the ingredients! She just turned one and I am going to start transitioning to the adult chicken recipe. I love the size of the adult bites for her (she's 5-6 lbs.) Thank you for making Lotus!
  • WP_20150403_001

    Bella, Huntsville, Alabama

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Small Bites Chicken

    Our Bella who is an adopted Rat Terrier is very picky. We tried many brands before going to a local pet festival and they were handing out Lotus treats and foods. We decided to go ahead and try it. Man she fell in love and has been eating the Lotus Small Bites chicken for close to a year now. The small bites are so crunchy and easy for her to eat. Most of the other brands she would choke on. Thank you for making this food!!

    Kimmi & Winnie, Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Grain-Free Fish

    Kimmi and Winnie, my two Siberian Huskies, will only eat your LOTUS Grain-Free Fish Kibble. I have tried many other types and brands but this is the only one they love. They are very active sled dogs and need the fish protein. Fish is their original food since they are a Northern Breed and survived many centuries on fish and seal meat alone. They are in great & perfect health and my vet always remarks on how healthy they are. Thank you for your great product.
  • Dragon-and-Branko-3

    Dragon, Huntington Beach, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Grain-free Fish

    My Irish Wolfhound had bad allergies and was constantly at the vet getting meds and treatment. A friend of mine told me he may be allergic to domesticated proteins such as chicken or beef. Her dog had the same problem, and she suggested Fish. Unfortunately, many brands that say they are fish also contain chicken! You need to read the labels. LOTUS has the healthiest ingredients and there are no other animal proteins in their FISH dog food except Fish. Thank you, Lotus! By the way, my dog has been doing great since he switched to your dog food.
  • chix-cat

    Fred, Golden Valley, Minnesota

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken Stew

    My 13 year old cat was quite sick a week ago and my vet was talking about euthansia. I wanted to try a little longer and went and bought some Lotus Chicken stew and hand fed it to him because I was thinking he had reached a point where he wasn't eating because he wasn't eating. Suddenly he decided just maybe he could eat. At midnight last Sunday he woke me up because he was angry. Between midnight and 9 am he ate an entire can without any vomiting. He is now completely back to normal and adores both the chicken stew and the pollack.
  • Dog

    Toby & Zelda, Seattle, WA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven baked Lamb small bites

    I adopted two rescue homeless pups that were living on the streets of LA with their mommy. The puppies were not in good shape and only three of five survived. I adopted two and the other pup got adopted as well. In addition to many Vet visits...I first started my two out on two different high end dry foods. Neither were digestible and the pups continued with running stinky poo. Finally, the manager at the store I use, told me I should try Lotus, which I did...A dog's poo tells everything you need to know in regard to digestion..I am so very happy to say, my pups now have perfect digestion! It has been over 6 months now and they have Happy Tummies! Thank You for your wonderful product and please don't change a thing. My Pups love the food just the way it is!
  • IMG_0203

    Rylie, Phoenix, AZ

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Sr Small Bites

    My dog Rylie is a 5-6 # little pomeranian. About 2-3 years ago he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. My vet recommended putting him on a special formula diet by Scient Diet or Royal Canin but I was not pleased with some of the ingredients that those foods contained since everything I read about pancreatitis is that they need low fat, low protein and low phosphates in the diet and the ingredients in those foods never had all 3 low if protein was low fat was higher is fat was low phosphates were too high. So I started my journey of research and found Lotus!! YEAH. Ever since he has been on Lotus he may have a slight flare up bc he gets into something he hasn't but he recovers fast and as long as he doesn't get into anything he is doing GREAT! FULL of energy, bouncing and sassing around the house as if he was a pup -and he is 12 as of tomorrow. :-) Thank you Lotus for a quality food that I can feel confident to feed my precious boy
  • IMG_26851

    Giggles, Cumming, GA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken dry food and chicken pate

    Our cat is 15 years old and we have tried multiple cat foods. There are too many to name. I did the research on LOTUS and it was a miracle! He was constantly throwing up before and having accidents around the house. He has been eating Lotus for 3 months and has been perfect!! Best cat food ever!!
  • image

    Kicou, Southport, Nc

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Dry chicken

    I rescued my can from an abusive neighbor 7 years ago. She was around 5 years old and 4# underweight. I took her to a vet to get her shots up to date and get her fixed. The vet said to put her on a high protein diet. After visiting several pet stores and doing some research on high quality cat food I came across Lotus cat food. I was given a sample bag and took it home. I sat on the couch and my cat hopped up beside me and sniffed the smelled the bag. After a few seconds she literally grabbed the bag and hopped back to the floor and desperately tried to open it by herself. I had to fight her for the bag. I put the food in her bowl and it was gone in 1 minuet. She looked at me tail in the air and licked her lips. I knew this was the food for her! After being on this food for a couple months she gained her weight back and started acting like a very happy healthy kitty! Thank you Lotus for caring and making the best cat food ever!
  • IMG_20150419_200545

    molly, fenton, michigan

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: chicken dry food

    My cat molly 13 years old hasn't threw up in 2 weeks since starting lotus dry food. I love this cat food.
  • image

    Lucy, Waukesha , Wi

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Canned Cat food

    Lucy, my kitten, isn't even 1 yet. After I lost my precious kitty of 16 years, I was devastated. I didn't fully understand how much junk is in commercial pet food, and after losing him, and getting Lucy, I educated myself. Of course you want what's best for your pet, and I was on a mission to find the healthiest food I could for her. I live in a small town, without many options, and when my local pet store started carrying your products, I saw they had no carrageenan (a known carcinogen to pets), and guar gum. The main ingredients I have been avoiding for months. There are very few companies that don't include these things. So I decided to give it a try and see if she likes them. Well, she LOVED the first one I gave her - she finished the whole can! She hasn't done that in a while! I'm so excited to find a healthy food for her that she loves and will be continuing to use these! Thank you for making a quality product that I'm excited to feed my kitty for years to come!
  • William-on-Back-Patio-Jan-2015_edited-3

    William, Newbury Park, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Just Juicy Pollock Stew for Cats

    It is the only one he will eat.
  • Koa

    Koa, San Leandro, Ca

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Small Bites Chicken

    Our Boy Koa, a Chocolate Cocker, now about 1 year and a couple of months, was never really an eater from the time we brought him home. Totally Unlike the previous Cockers we have had that would inhale the food through the bag from across the room, and look for more, Koa as he grew older could almost care less if he ate or not. His meal times were a real chore, and depressing with thinking he's not getting his daily nutritional needs. Practically coxing him for every bite, If he was even willing to eat in the first place, adding this and that to help kick start his appetite would only work for a short while until he got wise. Along with the this and that's, and At Least 8 different dry food, (Slowly phased in changes), it only made him roll the food around in his mouth, ending by spitting out what he didn't care for in either size or flavor at the time in the end. Thinking this dog is Way Too Smart, and he Clearly had Us on the Who's Training Who road, and it was to His Liking... Until, We were introduced to LOTUS ! ...Our Last Resort before we allowed Him to hire a Private Chef of His Own Choosing...lol Lotus ? Thinking ???, a Baked Product is the Only thing we haven't tried, so W.T.H... I Opened the bag, and I actually tried it before he did, I immediately thought Hmmm, Not Bad, Not Bad At All ... Saying OK,...Here we go again. Fingers Crossed, I tossed a small handful in his bowl, low and behold he didn't go up in his usual curiosity, sniff and walk away like all the others, ...He practically Inhaled it, I tossed another handful, ..Poof, Gone again... :o) He's gone through 3 bags already without a hitch....and actually reacts to "Are You Hungry" and looks forward to his meals. All we can say, Other than THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU !!! Is that your product is GOLD !!! Keep up the good work, and Keep our Boy Healthy... Thanx....
  • Dog

    HOLLY, Hicksville, NY

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Duck, Fish & small bites hard food

    Our Holly is a Shihtzu and around two years ago I noticed her face getting darker and her eyes a bit red. Attempting to take away poultry and other foods from her diet I went into this new pet store that opened by us and I mentioned her problem they said try Lotus it is grain free and I bet she will be better...YES! she was her face cleared up beautifully and no longer a picky eater she just loves it. Thank you so much & Holly thanks you too!
  • chix-cat

    Miah, elkhart, in

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Dry oven baked chicken

    This is the first time Miah had Lotus. I am happy to say she is eating it and the "end" result is great! No more diarrhea, bleeding, or smelling up the whole house. This is the answer I think...Where did you get coupons? Sure would help financially..wish there was a continuous buyer club. I love my cat...she is a great pet to have. Now it's even better.l.
  • Dog

    Minky, Booger & Misty, venice, ca

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: dry kibble

    I had been buying another brand of pet food when the cashier gave me a sample of Lotus for my dogs. I fed it to them and they loved it. Then when I tried to give them the food I normally feed them they refused to eat it, all the while looking at me expectantly. That's when I realized they wanted the Lotus instead. But they had already consumed the sample. So I returned the other brand and have been buying only Lotus from then on. Misty the rescue cat is 12 now and in perfect health. So many of my friends are having health issues with their older cats. Both rescue dogs are healthy and active. The vet looked at Minky and declared, "That's the way they should look." I believe that I have Lotus to thank.
  • image

    Benz& Bentley, Niles, Il

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Juicy all varieties

    Benz, a British Blue Shorthair & Bentley, a Perk Eared Scottish Fold have the most beautiful coats from eating Lotus. They are both very happy & healthy. They love Lotus!
  • Dog

    mocha & leah, clementon, new jersey

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus small bites,chicken recipe/dogs

    i have been purchasing lotus small bites ever since it was introduced in the pet store of Bills Wonderland of pets in magnolia nj thats about 4-5 years now,and my dogs love it.i will not give them any other food but that.the only draw back is that i usually get a $3 or $5 dollar coupon depending on the size bag you buy but that has been discontinued since last year.but anyway i was told i can retrieve the coupons off the web site.apart from that,your food is good i wont feed my dogs with any other.-
  • image1

    George, Stanley, Ernie,, st. Joseph , mi

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: grain free small bite duck

    George just celebrated his 100th birthday (I don't think our Vet added that right) but anyway's he's a healthy senior, Stanley is from the Boston terrier rescue and Ernie we adopted a few years ago. You start off with one and think that's all you need, then the second comes and you don't know how you lived without him. Three just adds extra fun to your day. All are happy and healthy I believe it's due to the fact they have ate great foods from the day they came home and Lotus has been a great addition. Squeaky the cat says four paws up to Lotus also!
  • image

    Marley, Johnny and Pablo, Arlington , Mn

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: All can food

    I rescued Pablo and Johnny from a puppy mill here in Mn around five years ago and Marley came to us two and a half years ago from SD when the owner decided he was too old (11) and almost totally blind and didn't want to care for him anymore. My three boys are my life, they are so sweet and happyyyyyy, people can't believe they came from the beginnings that they did. My boys are extremely fussy about what they eat but since discovering lotus canned food they love it..now I need to try the hard food.. Can you mail out coupons, I only have iPad, no printer! 208 e. Clinton
  • 10578805_10202981763284662_1758208407_n

    Dewey, Donnie and Ms. Piddy, Parker, CO

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lamb

    I have three miniature Dachshunds. Dewey, Donnie and Ms.Piddy. My Dewey has allergies and needs a single source protein along with grain free for his long and lean body type. My Donnie is a rescue who has been with us just a few months and had never had "good" food in his entire life. Donnie does the happy hop when I get into the bin to feed them. Ms. Piddy tends to be a little chubby and we need the power of protein to keep her fit. We like that the product is baked and easy to eat, Donnie has only a few teeth, and simply loves his Lotus!! These are my kids and I want the very best for them, and Lotus is just that!
  • IMG_4724

    Tiny, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Baked Grain Free duck

    My 11 yr old toy poodle became a picky eater with age. He's never been a big boy, always around 7-8 lbs all his life. He eats small amounts compared to a girl Essie who is also a toy poodle, 9 yrs old 11 lbs. Tiny used to have seizures almost every day until I switched the dry food to grain free, no corn, no soy, no artificial junk. Seizures stopped right away!! He's been on grain free kibble for at least 5 years now and did not have another seizure. I gave Tiny some Lotus, he immediately started eating it! Essie joined him and she loved it too! They ate the whole sample bag in minutes! Thank you Lotus for making good tasting food that is good for them! Food sensitivities and allergies are real. Please don't ever change formulas and don't sell the company. I am always afraid hearing about the recalls too. So sad when companies use bad sources that ends up taint the food and kill/sicken many pets, our family members. Thank you for caring and doing such a great job!
  • IMG_20141020_025429_burst_01

    Sammy, Fairview, Michigan

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Grain free Duck

    My Sammy loves the grain free duck. He actually stands and waits for me to get it out of his container, tail wagging and drooling! He's always liked food but he really gobbles this down. I do believe the different cooking method makes a difference. The smell is totally different that other brands, what ever it is Sammy loves it!
  • remy

    Remy, Traverse City, MI

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken

    Remy is a small Chihuahua mix. He is by far the most finicky eater I have ever had. He would only eat canned food, spitting out the kibble if I mixed it with soft food. My local pet store staff said I should try this new food - Lotus chicken small bites. For the first time, Remy eats all of his kibble! Thank you!
  • image

    Juicy and Violet Mae, Henderson, Nevada

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken Lotus

    I have two Chihuahuas, Juicy and Violet Mae. There very tiny, In fact they have very tiny jaws and the small bites are perfect. I get the chicken one and they love the food. . There breath is better and Juicy was getting so fat from the dog food before and this one keeps her in very good shape. I saw this in my local pet store At your Service Pet Store. They raved about the food because its oven baked. Both my dogs love this food there very finicky , no more they love . Best dog food !!!!!
  • Chippers

    Chippers, University Place, WA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven baked chicken dry catfood

    We adopted Chippers from the animal shelter just a little while ago, but when we took him home he had an eating problem! He wouldn't eat anything. He wouldn't eat what he was eating at the shelter (Kirkland maintenance), he wouldn't eat the food his last family fed him (Purina), he wouldn't even touch any of the raw food or wet food I was hoping to feed him. I was ready to prescribe him an appetite stimulant when we received several samples from a holistic pet food store for him to try. I put out 5 different samples and to my surprise he started eating! The only one of the five he would eat was Lotus oven baked chicken. I don't know what we would do without Lotus cat food! Chippers and I thank Lotus for making a cat friendly, owner approved cat food for us!
  • IMG_0311

    Rusty, San Pedro, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: All Of Them!

    Rusty is a cream Persian Cat. He basically eats, drinks, sleeps, and only sometimes plays. Rusty used to be on Meow Mix but ever since I've switched him to Lotus he's seemed to be a much more energetic and happier cat! Rusty is now 5 years old and I'm happy I switched him to Lotus- I think it is much more beneficial for his age. Thank you Lotus!
  • 214

    Greyboy, kansas city, mo

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Senior baked chicken

    Greyboy came into our lives in the winter of 2006. I rescued him from certain death. He had gotten in a fight with some critter, we live on a lake. I had been feeding him through the fall trying to befriend him. I had a heated pad boxed in by the door for him. When I saw his face & eye swollen up I let him in the house called a vet & they came & picked him up. He recovered to be a lazy Russian Blue that has his place in our house. He doesn't like other cats tho :(.
  • P6020360

    Mozart & Henri, Bloomfield, CT

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Senior Oven Baked Chicken Kibble

    I have 2 Bichons. One is over 12 years old, and he is a picky eater. He walks away from many food dishes. My other Bichon is 5, and has medical issues. He is on medication to control seizures. The medications put weight on him, so I was looking for a food that was low in fat. Your senior dog food is only 8% fat, which is lower than the food I had them on. I was skeptical that my senior dog would like, as he is so picky. I brought home some trial samples and they both love the food. My senior dog eats every morsel, and leaves nothing behind. I feel fortunate to have found this food as it is a perfect fit for both my dogs.
  • Dog

    Toby , Omaha, Nebraska

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: ALL OF THEM!!!

    When I swtiched Toby to Lotus, I was astounded at how much he liked his food! he loved it more than his previous choice. He gets super excited for ANY of the different kinds of canned food y'all offer. In fact, he often does his little happy dance where he stands on his hind legs and raises his paws. I am also taking advantage of the fact that the natural dog stores in Omaha all seem to be running some kind of special on the food. He seems to be a much happier pup and also less gassy. I couldn't stand the thought of having him on food that would not allow to thrive as a young pup and beyond. Either way, I'm so glad I chose a local product that is from my home state and that Toby loves.
  • IMG_20851

    Hailey, Greendale, WI

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven Baked Chicken

    Our cat, Hailey, would only eat the cheap brand kibble that she ate at the shelter. For four years I have been trying to switch her to a quality dry cat food and she would not touch anything else. Finally, I got fourteen samples from a really good pet food store and placed them in small bowls at her feeding station, along with her regular food. I refreshed the bowls and monitored her intake over two weeks. The ONLY food she would eat other than her regular food was Lotus Oven Baked Chicken. She made the choice on her own. I feel much better about her health now that she has switched to the best quality food available!
  • IMG_6026

    Bradley Cooper , Long Beach, ca

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken w/ asparagus

    I have been trying to figure out what my dog, Bradley Cooper, would like, after not buying puppy food kibble anymore. I tried many premium brands, organic, raw, EVERYTHING. Majority of the food made him lethargic and/or his stomach upset. I would literally have to watch over him so I knew where to clean up afterwards. After trying and testing the LOTUS brand. He seemed happy and peppy. He was ready to play and run around after eating. He probably wasn't feeling nauseous after eating. I think he liked that feeling too. Now when he sees me taking out the can from the cupboard he is excited to eat now. I am excited that I don't have to clean up anything afterwards anymore. We are both happy campers
  • image3

    Nala, Memphis , Tennessee

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven baked chicken

    I would like to personally thank you for your food. My Staffy-Dane, Nala, is 3 years old and for a year and a half I struggled to get her to eat ANYTHING! We tried literally every food out there before I was recommended Lotus. She was diagnosed with anorexia after turning her nose to every kibble, wet food and raw patty I put in her bowl. I was so happy when I set her first bowl of Lotus down and she ate. She ATE! Not only that but she ate all of it in 30 minutes! Now, a year and a half later, she eats her 4 cups of chicken adult in two meals, and it only takes her about 5 minutes to finish each time! She is muscular and a healthy 90 lbs, her perfect weight. Your food saved my dog! Thank you!
  • doodle

    Harry, Seattle, WA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven Baked Duck

    Hey there! This is Mr. Harry G Doodle. G for Golden. We recently adopted this handsome beast from a loving family that had a surprise on the way. Harry is 8 and wasnt eating what Id consider food. After trial and error our associate at Mud Bay gave us some samples of the Oven Baked varieties along with many other premium foods. Out of the 10+ samples we tried, only one got devoured and that was the Oven Baked Grain Free Duck Recipe! Yay! Harry loves his new food and we love that he is finally getting food made with love and care! We love our healthy Doodle! And he loves us Lotus!
  • image2

    Gimli & Legolas, Placerville, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Duck Grain Free

    Our names are Gimli & Legolas. You would never know how picky we are by looking at our innocent faces! Our poor mom has tried so many different foods, including Raw, dehydrated, air-dried and the list goes on. She decided to try your oven baked grain free Duck, and guess what? WE LOVED IT! No more tummy upsets. We love your food.
  • Brownie, Arleta, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven Baked Chicken Senior

    My name is Brownie and I am 9 years old. About 8 months ago my doctor told my mom that I needed to eat a senior formula dog food. She bought a senior food but I didn't like it. She went to the Hoof n Woof event and came home with samples of the Lotus senior and I really liked it. Now she gets it for me all the time. She even switched the pesky cat over to Lotus and we both eat it! I like the cat food too! I'm happy that Lotus tastes good and is good for me! And the cat too...

  • Dog

    Cuz, Burnsville, Minnesota

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Chicken Senior Small Bites

    I have a 12.5 year old Japanese Chin named Cuz. When I got him back from an extended stay with a family member in November, he was having chronic loose # 2's, was underweight and had a terrible bladder infection! Thank god I work in a vet clinic! After two urinary ultrasounds, and months of trial and error with antibiotics, urine cultures, x-rays etc, we finally got things under control. I attribute this in part to his wonderful diet of your food! I use the Senior Small Bites as his base diet to which I add fresh food and herbal supplements for his bladder and joints. But even with these things changing to find the right ones, your diet has performed consistently. His coat is as glorious as it was when he was showing in his early days! His stools are consistent now, and he has put on over a pound (mostly muscle), which is pretty good for an 11 pound dog. I love that he only needs to eat about 1/3 cup a day to maintain too, as he tends to be a light eater in general. I also appreciate the fact that the mineral levels in this diet are right where they need to be for him (as it was discovered he has a small kidney stone). I browse other foods from time to time thinking he could use a little variety... But I always come to the same conclusion. No one makes a better food for my little man :) Thank you!!
  • Jack, Mokena, IL

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Small Bites Oven-Baked Chicken Puppy

    My name is Jack...the Drs. that have seen me and the people at the shelter where I was brought to, say that I am a Shih-tzu-Mix. I don't know what kind of a dog a "mix" is...but I am happy all of the time. I was a little skinny when I was found wandering around the streets, but I made it through, okay. My Mom and Dad were lonely for a new buddy, and when they saw my picture online, they drove through a terrible snow storm to adopt me. Mom says that as soon as she held me, she knew I was meant to be her boy. Trouble is, I just didn't want to eat much. She and my dad tried every food they could find...dry, refrigerated, canned...nothing tasted good to me (except of course what they were eating). Then I tasted a sample bag of the puppy food from Lotus. It was very hard for me to chew because the pieces were a little too big for me. (Mom didn't know that it came in small bites, too). Well...she must have found out, because a big bag of the small bites came in the mail today....and I LOVE IT!!! I sat right down by the little bowl and ate a whole bunch. My mom just stood there as happy as could be. Thank you for making my mom so happy. Love, Jack
  • sullivan

    Sullivan, Los Angeles, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Grain-Free Duck

    I never write reviews but after seeing the benefits of feeding Lotus to my pup, Sullivan, I wanted to share my love for Lotus. Sullivan has suffered from allergies and constant skin irritations since he was a puppy. He is a very itchy boy and has many times scratched himself until he bleeds. It was heartbreaking to watch and we've tried everything - new food, benedryl, thunder shirts, even steroid shots. I have tried many grain-free food formulas for Sul and never really believed the hype of the benefits of switching to grain-free until I started feeding him Lotus' Grain-free Duck formula a few months ago. His allergies have subsided and his coat is shiny, his belly is scratch-free and the formerly picky eater (who would sometimes skip breakies all together if he wasn't feeling the kibble flavor) can't wait to eat his lotus very morning and night. Along with immunotherapy, a healthy dose of omega 3 fish oil and Lotus, Sul is feeling and looking healthy. Thank you for being so into your food and representing the pups, Lotus. It warms my heart knowing Sul loves it and I'm feeding him the best of the best.
  • Ruka

    Ruka, Wilmington, NC

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Grain-Free Sardine and Pollock

    Dear Lotus, My name is Allix, and I am the manager of Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming in Wilmington, NC. A representative from your company, Gary, came by the store the other day with a supplier representative, and talked us into a big ISO order of Lotus food. Gary also left us with some samples of your GF oven baked Duck and Fish dog foods. We like Gary. Now, my dog Ruka, has eaten foods ranging from Tuckers frozen to Stella & Chewy’s, Acana, Fromm, Canine Caviar, Honest Kitchen, Taste of the Wild, even Purina (don’t judge, it was before I adopted her). Ruka is well known for inhaling any and all items that fit into her mouth that may resemble food. We wonder if she has ever actually “tasted” anything. That being said, this morning, I opened the sample bag of duck and poured a little into her bowl, after breakfast mind you. She ran up and immediately started the inhaling process, then immediately stopped. Ruka took a step back, then stepped forward, lowered her head back into her bowl, and slowly started to chew, crunch, and by all means “savor the flavor” of the Lotus food. I was perplexed to say the least. So out of curiosity, I opened the fish sample, and poured some into her bowl. And I’ll be darned if she didn’t take 30 seconds to chew each and every morsel! Ruka likes Gary too. Just some background, I am very knowledgeable and studied in animal nutrition, so the past few months of trying to decide which food line to add to the store has been hard for the owner and I. We have done extensive research and questioning into many brands, and compared and contrasted for hours. I can safely say, we are very proud and excited to introduce the Lotus line to our shelves. Ruka is even more excited than we are! We will be keeping you informed on the success of your food in the store, and in Rukas tummy! She is happily making the switch to Lotus GF foods.
  • Bella

    Bella, Kansas City, MO

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Raw

    Our beautiful baby, Bella, should take the gold this year simply because she is the most loving affectionate and playful dog in the world. I know she’s happy and active because she’s getting the bet ingredients money can buy. Thanks to Lotus to contributing to our dog’s and our family’s life.
  • Blinko

    Blinko, Cedar Grove, NJ

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Salmon & Vegetable Pâté

    I nominate my cat, Blinko to be the winner of the 2014 Active Pet Medal award. Because I feed him Salmon & Vegetable Pâté, he has more energy and just looks more frisky.
  • Otis

    Otis, Long Beach, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Small Bites

    When my furry little pal, Otis, get hungry, there is is nothing he likes more than Lotus Small Bites. He gobbles every bite right up. I attribute his health and happiness to it. Nothing but the best for man’s best friend!
  • Maggie May

    Maggie May, Pasadena, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Oven-baked Duck

    My dog, Maggie May, should be the first ever winner of the 2014 Active Pet Medal because she thoroughly represents the healthy and active lifestyle that Lotus Pet Foods is synonymous with. She competes in agility training and always come out Top Dog! Thanks, Lotus, for giving Maggie May the nutrients she needs to be a winner.
  • Dory

    Dory, Santa Monica, ca

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Grain free fish recipe kibble

    Jindo dogs are none to be fussy eaters but my Jindo, Dory, is also allergic to poultry, grain and our vet has told me to limit his intake of beef (based on a blood test results). Dory won't eat raw food (although he will eat dehydrated raw food for a while). That pretty much leaves fish. Dory was eating another grain free fish based kibble but when we got a sample of Lotus' fish receipt, Dory ate it with gusto. It's taken 2 years to find a healthy food that Dory actually likes and it's a relief for me since I'm vegan and understand the link between a balanced, healthy diet to good health and longevity.
  • chix-cat

    Sweetee and Manny, Forest Lake, Minnesota

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: grain free sardine and pollock

    My cat is super fussy. She is very particular on the dry food she eats. I had gotten a sample bag of your grain free sardine and pollock dog food and she hopped in front of my boxer Manny and ate it out of his dish. He let her do it. She went absolutely crazy for it! Hope to see it in a cat formula. She is 6 and I have never seen her respond that way about any food. Then she went looking for the empty bag. Once she found it she started licking it. Great job guys!
  • Bubba

    Bubba, Phoenix, Arizona

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Small Bite Duck Recipe for Dogs

    Bubba is the sweetest and most handsome Yorkie you could ever meet. We switched him recently to Lotus brand small bites dry food and he absolutely loves it! His coat is shiny and his energy is up. He has a pretty sensitive stomach but we have had no problems on his new diet. I love the fact that I can read all the ingredients in his food without the help of Google to explain what it is. I also notice he needs to go number 2 less because he is using more of the nutrients he takes in. I couldn't be happier and neither could Bubba. Woof!
  • Toby Keith

    Toby Keith, Houston, Texas

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken Recipe Dry

    Toby Keith is a very healthy, energetic and happy little man. He is my assistant and goes to work with me everyday on the stage/set of the TV show "Revolution" on NBC. He is like a therapy dog for our crew and needs to be well fed to keep his energy level high. I also give him the canned foods a few times a week and he loves all of them.
  • Murrly, Pearl & Murphy

    Murrly, Pearl & Murphy, Seattle, Wa

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Dried fish based baked small bites

    My 8yo Chihuahua Murrly has Cushings and a Thyroid disease, Hypo (not hyper). Thus her skin is so dry and fragile. Her fur is same. I have researched many dog foods and besides cutting up fresh fish myself, Lotus has the best mostest fish of all. I put some in a bowl, add coconut oil, raw honey and herb prescribed herbs and a bit of water to soften the kibble and down it goes.
  • Rocksea & Bocelli

    Rocksea & Bocelli, Larchmont, NY

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Grain-free chicken & turkey pâté

    My kittens love your chicken & turkey pate they just woof it down! My kids deserve nothing but the best and I must say the food smells incredible.
  • Murphy

    Murphy, Marina Del Rey, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: NA

    This is Murphy - We went through a Breeder in Alabama, I did find him on Puppy Find. I've been looking for over a year. They did an over the Phone Interview and we got approved. He arrived on Delta Airlines at 4 months old, and have adored Murphy every day.
  • Zeus

    Zeus, Belmont, MA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Senior Chicken or Fish (Dry)

    In the beginning of this year, 2013, I noticed our 7 year old family dog, Zeus, seemed not himself, very low energy, throwing up, peeing frequently but nothing coming out and just seemed grumpier and more uncomfortable than usual. I insisted that my mother and I bring Zeus to the vet. After speaking with the vet and going over the symptoms we decided to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed about 2-3, almost marble size stones in our 14 pound, pomeranian mix Zeusy! There was no question but to put him through surgery which they took out about 4-5 fairly large stones. Zeus had been on some prescription diet recommended by the vet. For years I have been wanting to switch him off the food. I had finally did the research and got the information I needed to choose the perfect food. My mom let me "experiment" in finding something that worked for Zeus. Lotus was the first and only food I needed! All crystals are gone from his urine and within 2 weeks he was the happy, crazy little man we always knew!I am so happy we found this food and love the variety. Zeus's favorite is the fish by far. With the senior chicken being his main go to entree we switch it up to ensure good source of variety of protein and vitamins!
  • Kasi

    Kasi, Olympia, Wa

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Senior small bites

    Kasi is a 3 pound rescued Chihuahua from a high kill shelter in California. She is the sweetest thing and such a Diva! She deserves nothing but the best that's why I decided to try Lotus Senior Small bites. She is a picky little eater but loves her Lotus! As her Mom, I'm picky with what I feed my dogs and only want the best for them. This is an excellent dog food and I couldn't ask for more!
  • Baby

    Baby, Pacific Palisades, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Can food

    Since vet discovered Baby has an abnormal kidney I started to give her prescription diet food but she didn’t like them and then I bought (tried) all different brand of “Grain Free” canned cat food; such as EVO, Merrick, Instinct, and etc but she hates them EXCEPT Lotus. Thank you.
  • Miso

    Miso, Los Angeles, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Grain-Free Duck for Cats

    We tried so many foods but the Lotus Grain-Free Duck for cats was the only one which solved her digestive issues.
  • Ella

    Ella, Playa Del Rey, California

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Fish

    I adopted my pugly one from a friend of mine who could no longer keep her. I was so excited to finally adopt and give an animal a forever home. It was brought to my attention that the poor dear had a chicken allergy, so many foods and treats were ruled out. When she came to me, she had a bag of Natural Balance chicken kibble! I was shocked! I immediately started the weening process onto Lotus Lamb (fish had not yet been released) and she loved it. Then I was informed that a new flavor was coming. Let me tell you... my pug devoured it! Long story short she's now on Lotus Fish which is also grain free (just in case she has a grain allergy). :)
  • Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae, Los Angeles, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Dry Chicken

    Five years ago we met Maggie at the Glendale Humane Society. She was a hefty 25 lbs. over-weight and so out-of-shape and terrified of the outside world that she couldn't even walk around the block. We also discovered she was allergic to lamb, beef, rice, wheat and who knows what else.We began with a high fiber low calorie kibble and walks to get her back into shape. Next we had to conquer Maggie's allergies. Lotus Grain-free Duck recipe was just the ticket. She loved it and it loved her.
  • Tonie

    Tonie, Beach park, Il

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Cat

    Tonie loves his Lotus food. I think that he would do anything for the food. And not only does he love it but my other 3 cats and 8 ferrets love it too. Thanks for making such a good food that he loves so much. Oh and he loves his Lotus "girlfriends" too lol. Hugs and kiss to them from him.
  • Jammer and Oliver

    Jammer and Oliver, Torrance, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Chicken & Asparagus

    Meet Jammer and Oliver. Here they are waiting to eat their Lotus Fish, with a little Lotus Chicken added. They loved it like usual! Yummmmmm.
  • Figaro

    Figaro, Irvine, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Grain Free Salmon

    This is Figaro. He is 4 years old and lives in Irvine. His favorite Lotus pet food is the grain free Salmon and Vegetable Pâté. He can't wait to get his lips around those hand packed canned sardines!
  • Ronnie


    Favorite Lotus Pet Food:

    Ronnie Woods is a 7 year old cat. He lives in Renton WA. His favorite food is the Grain Free Duck.
  • Hershey

    Hershey, Los Angeles, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Oven-Baked Senior

    About seven years ago Hershey had surgery to remove calcium crystals from his urinary track caused by a diet too high in protein. Our vet prescribed Hills UD but Hershey would not touch it. So, we decided to put him on the Lotus Senior Chicken dry dog food. We also eliminated the high protein dental bones he was eating. Since then he has not had any urinary tract issues. Thank you Lotus.
  • Foxy

    Foxy, Los Angeles, CA

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Lamb

    Foxy is a 7 year old papillon who was rescued from the shelter about a year ago. She loves Lotus Lamb dry dog food.
  • Lotus The Cat

    Lotus the Cat, Orlando, Florida

    Favorite Lotus Pet Food: Lotus Lamb

    I have a calico cat who is twenty-one years old today. I named her Lotus and her sister was Lilly. Lilly passed away a few years ago but Lotus is still goign strong. Throughout the years people have always liked her name. I practice Zen and I guess that is why I chose it for her or maybe she is the one who picked it:) I have always given her healthy food and even cooked for her. I recently discovered your Lotus brand and she is loving it. Thank you for your products.