JJ Dog Beef

Boneless Beef
This is USDA inspected and passed boneless beef shank. Our beef shank is an excellent source of protein that is also low in fat and ash.

Beef Broth
We make our own beef broth by cooking our beef shanks in their natural juices. This is a natural way to supply moisture to your dog. Our beef broth naturally flavors our Just Juicy Stews without adding “natural flavor” additive.

Potato Starch
Our potato starch is only the starch with no protein. Potato starch is used to make our gravy. There is no potato protein so it will not cause any issues with dogs who potato sensitivities.

Calcium Lactate
It is a natural source of bio-available calcium that is made from calcium carbonate and lactic acid.

Tomato Paste
It is a great source of antioxidants like vitamin C, E, Beta Carotene and Lycopene.

Monosodium Phosphate
It is a natural source of phosphorus made from sodium and phosphoric acid.

Agar-agar is a red algae which contains minerals like calcium and potassium.

Sea Salt
It is a source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium.

Dried Chicory Root Extract
Dried chicory root extract is a source of soluble fermentable fiber. It helps maintain healthy digestion.

USA and European Made Vitamins and Minerals
In addition to all the required vitamins and minerals, Lotus adds vitamin C from France and vitamin E from Germany (antioxidants that maintain healthy cells). Lotus also uses chelated minerals which help with greater assimilation. Like chelated zinc manufactured in the United States. Our vitamins and minerals are really made in the USA and Europe not just sourced in USA and manufactured in China.