Canned Just Juicy


Your little buddy is an obligate carnivore. She can’t live without meat. In fact, her ancestors lived in the desert, getting most of their water from their prey. Your kitty’s natural desire for a fresh, meaty meal made us head into our California micro-cannery and create our Just Juicy line — hand-packed USDA inspected and passed meat, poultry or fish (no restructured meat here) in a gravy made from the juices of each. These are just delicious grain-free, single proteins with natural amounts of water and no fillers or processing aids like carrageenan–you know, like her great-great-great granny used to eat. Whether you choose Just Juicy Turkey, Chicken, Pork, Venison, Pollock, or Salmon & Pollock, your cat’s inner carnivore will be satisfied, and you’ll be the most loved omnivore on Earth.

Just_Juicy_Cat_Chicken Just_Juicy_Cat_PorkJust_Juicy_Cat_Salmon_PollockJust_Juicy_Cat_Pollock  Just_Juicy_Cat_Turkeyjj-venison-cat-can